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Natural de-puffing eye gel with clinical studies showing reduction of under-eye circles in as little as three weeks. Cellaction™ Body Firming System ElectroLast MINI
Bag LadyCellaction™ Body Firming SystemElectroLast MINI

Bag Lady de-puffs and minimizes lines. Apply with the cool roller aplicator for immediate results. Clinically tested Soybean and Rice Peptide Proteins increase collagen. Chamomile, Raspberry and Green Tea extracts tigthen and soothe delicate skin

Avoid the spa treatments and time consuming laser sessions! With the Cellaction™ Body Firming System, you are supplied with three products that bring the spa home to you. In as little as five minutes per day, you can work towards clearer,...

Skin begins to show signs of aging as a result of diminishing muscle tone and elasticity. Treatments such as Botox can erase deeply imbedded lines but temporarily paralyzes the muscle. With ElectroLast™ MINI, micro-currents work gradually...




Intelligent SkinSense Tester Kit ISspa Sampler Bare It Oil
Intelligent SkinSense Tester KitISspa SamplerBare It Oil

Receve one of each product. All Daily ISsentials and Specialty Products...including Bag Lady™! Enjoy an Intelligent SkinSense Tester Kit at Wholesale Vendor Price with Special Code! Contact Us to Learn about being a Vendor!

Not sure what products to get? Why not try them all? Intelligent-SkinSense ISspa Sampler allows you to do just that. In each box is a one to three day supply of our Daily ISsentials and Specialty Products. Included: Even Out™, Melt...

Uncovered, the face, neck and hands are quick to show signs of ageing. Bare-It-Oil provides an invisible shield, leaving skin like silk. This dry-oil is non-greasy. Made with Vitamin E, Essential Oils and free of Parabens, synthetic fragrance and color.




Building Blocks C-Spot Run Cellaction Contour Gel
Building BlocksC-Spot RunCellaction Contour Gel

As adult skin experiences hormonal changes it may be prone to sporadic out bursts. This oil free moisturizer provides the skin with hydration and protection without the addition of occlusive oils. Peptides work to improve collagen production.

This blemish control serum is made with three natural acne fighting ingredients, salycillic acid, witch hazel and camphor. Dab it on blemsihes and watch the spot run away! Active Ingredients Purpose: Salicylic Acid…2.0% - acne treatment...

Cellulite occurs when the circulation is impaired and toxins accumulate in the fat cells and connective tissue. To reduce the appearance of dimpled skin, Cellaction Contour Gel stimulates circulation with astringent natural herbs.




Chain Reaction Diva Soak, mineral bath ElectroLast PRO
Chain Reaction Diva Soak, mineral bathElectroLast PRO

This lightweight moisturizer imparts a silky feel to the skin. Peptides work to create collagen while soybean, jojoba and almond oil nourish the skin and Native American herbs revitalize fatigued skin. Skin is left soft and hydrated.

* 100% Herbal Solution * Revives tired skin * Relieves stress and muscle aches * Reduces excess fluid from water retention * Aids in increasing skin circulation * Aromatic oils create a felling of well being After a night of festivities or a day...

Micro-Current Facial is what the stars do before the red carpet. Intelligent Skin Sense Electrolast PRO is designed for home use so you too can lift and tone.